S.A. Evdokimova, A.G. Shmatova
Information and training system for discipline «Information technologies in forestry»
  • The developed information and training system on the discipline «Information technologies in forestry», which is being studied by students in the direction of the preparation «Forestry» in the VGLTU, is considered. For its implementation, information support was designed, including a database of taxation data for exercises of laboratory practice and a database of tests to monitor the study. The information-training system does not require the availability of specialized software, but allows you to study the principles of working with databases in GIS.
  • Key words: information and training system, information technologies, geoinformation systems, taxation database, SQL language, queries, testing.
  • P. 4-9.
I.S. Kushcheva, E.S. Khukhryanskaya
Specificity of some optimization models in packaging tasks in forestry sub-sectors
  • Article deals with specific problems of solving packing / stacking problems of geometric objects, characteristic for the sub-branches of wood processing. Unified mathematical models and algorithms, implemented on their basis, define the mathematical basement for using software for computer-aided design (CAD) systems in the corresponding production.
  • Key words: geometric modeling, optimization, stacking, packaging, object placement.
  • P. 10-18.
V.V. Lavlinskiy, A.S. Yagodkin
One way to engineering of hardware and program facilities to measure electrical signals with cortex
  • Given work is dedicated to approach for designing hardware and program facilities to remove electric signals with cortex. Given work is directed on shaping hardware and program facilities to remove continuous signals with cortex and collection statistical given for the reason their further processing for using in intellectual simulator on reconstruction supporting-motor system of the person. Emphases is spared technical questions of the decision for the problems of the designing facilities to remove electric signals with cortex based on the charge arduino uno. The research in given area is directed on the most further shaping controlling signals for intellectual simulator of functional recovery for supporting-motor system of the person. In the article is given examples main dummies for hardware of development facilities, program code for measuring continuous signal, as well as to measure signal output dependencies during description of the singularities of the conducted experiment.
  • Key words: hardware and program facilities, electric signals, cortex, analysis, research work.
  • P. 18-26.
V.Ja. Manohin, S.A. Sazonova, S.D. Nikolenko, M.V. Manohin
Determination of dust concentration and its dispersion in emissions at asphalt plants in solving the problem of ensuring occupational safety
  • Technological processes at asphalt concrete plants, accompanied by emission of harmful substances and dust, are considered. For dust analysis, samples were taken by pulling dusty gas through filter media. Methods for sampling air for dust during testing of ventilation systems are considered. Calculations are made under isokinetic conditions for sampling. Estimated volumes of air during sampling, dust concentration, gross emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, average dust content in the flue, and the total amount of dust in the stream are determined. The results of monitoring the dustiness of the air can be used to select the method of dust protection in order to ensure the required level of work safety and environmental safety and in asphalt plants.
  • Key words: asphalt-concrete plants, technological-logical processes, ecological safety, safety of work, harmful substances, maximum permissible concentration.
  • P. 26-32.
V.E. Meerson, S.S. Venevitina, E.D. Bogacheva
Modeling the fluxes of charged particles of space
  • The article discusses the model of charged particles of galactic cosmic rays, solar cosmic rays, models of the proton. Description of the models constructed on the basis of transport – kinetic equations based on the database consisting of the physical events of solar cosmic rays (SCR). The modulation function determined based on the requirements as accurate as possible a description of the available aggregate of experimental data on the fluxes of nuclei of galactic cosmic rays at the Earth's orbit at different points in the solar activity in the different direction of the heliospheric magnetic field.
  • Key words: the model of charged particles GLK, a model of charged particles SLK, a model of the proton, the changes in solar activity, the model of fluencies and peak fluxes.
  • P. 32-39.
V.E. Meerson, S.S. Venevitina, G.V. Kiselev
Model the passage of charged particles of outer space through the protection of space equipment
  • The article discusses the model of the passage of charged particles of outer space through the protection of space equipment. Description of the models constructed on the basis of the Monte Carla method and the numerical solution of the Boltzmann kinetic equation for the density of particles in the different approximations. The article also presents the problem of electron transport in matter is based on two calculation schemes of the model of individual collisions and the model of the integrated impacts.
  • Key words: model the passage of charged particles of outer space, the efficiency of radiation protection, modeling the shifts of electrons in the substance, dose characteristics electron radiation, dose characteristics of proton radiation.
  • P. 40-48.
S.D. Nikolenko, S.A. Sazonova, M.V. Manohin, V.Ja. Manohin
Ensuring labor safety in asphalt plants while rationing emissions by main regulatory parameters
  • Considered are threats to health of working personnel of enterprises and the population of nearby territories, emissions of harmful substances from production processes in asphalt plants. Relations are given for determining the distance of the boundary of the sanitary protection zone from the source of emission to residential areas and the magnitude of the maximum permissible emissions in the section on the standardization of dust emissions at asphalt plants. The values of the mass emission of a harmful substance and the maximum surface concentration of harmful substances are determined. The maximum permissible concentrations of dusts in the working area of asphalt-concrete plants for siliceous dusts, as well as for silicates and silicate-containing dusts are calculated. Parameters of dust collectors are given. The characteristics of the dust concentration for mixers with two purification stages are obtained. The features of calculating the values of preliminarily admissible concentrations are considered.
  • Key words: asphalt-concrete plants, occupational safety, harmful substances, parameters of dust collectors, emission control, sanitary protection zone.
  • P. 49-54.
O.V. Oksyuta, V.A. Korotkikh
Development of a mathematical model for the optimal functioning of a transport and logistics complex
  • The description of the information support of the developed information system and the general principles of the model for determining optimal technical and technological parameters are presented, as well as the development of mathematical models and algorithms for optimizing the transport and logistics complex within the framework of the expert system for making optimal management decisions.
  • Key words: production and dispatching service, method, criteria, automated system, optimization, expert system.
  • P. 55-66.
S.A. Sazonova, S.D. Nikolenko, M.V. Manohin, V.Ja. Manohin
Influence of emissions of harmful substances from technological processes of asphalt-concrete plants on ecological safety and labor safety
  • The technological processes are considered at all stages of asphalt concrete preparation in asphalt concrete plants proceeding at significant emissions of hazardous and harmful substances. Such emissions affect the level of environmental safety and labor safety. Hazard classes and maximum permissible concentrations of released hazardous substances and sources of emissions and emissions of pollutants are given. The most dangerous harmful substances, which are part of the dust, are dangerous for workers working in asphalt plants. The analysis of ecological safety of technological processes and safety of work on asphalt-concrete plants is carried out.
  • Key words: occupational safety, ecological safety, harmful substances, maximum permissible concentrations, technological processes, asphalt concrete plants.
  • P. 66-72.
T.N. Storodubtseva
Justification of the adopted methodology for determining stresses in the volume of wood products composite under the influence of external influences
  • Analytical expressions are obtained using the computer, which allow calculating the main stresses and relative deformations taking into account the strength and elastic characteristics of the two main components of the wood composite material - polymer sheath and wood. The proposed research method and their results correspond to the modern requirements of computer material science.
  • Key words: shrinkage, devecina, temperature, stress, composite, polymer.
  • P. 72-79.
T.N. Storodubtseva, T.V. Lukuanovich, N.A. Plyukhina
Analysis of modern methods of studying the physical and mechanical properties of materials
  • In the article the stages of the development of metal science with a characteristic complex approach to the research methods used are considered so that, depending on the task at hand, in each specific case, a necessary and sufficient set of methods should be chosen. For the modern stage of development of metal science, a complex approach to the research methods used is characteristic, so that, depending on the task at hand, in each specific case, a necessary and sufficient set of methods should be selected.
  • Key words: materials, properties, research, analysis, electron diffraction, neutron diffraction, Mössbauer studies.
  • P. 80-85.
N.Yu. Yudina, A.N. Kovalev
Analysis of factors that affect the reliability of structural elements of complex computing systems
  • Optimization of the technical state of computing systems is very relevant due to the constant increase in their complexity, both in terms of the variety of internal relationships between the structural elements of systems, and in terms of the complexity of the structural elements themselves. In this connection, the task of forecasting the technical state must be solved taking into account the effect on the state of the computer system by carrying out its maintenance, which is inherently a controlling influence. The development of an adequate mathematical model will provide an opportunity to predict the reliability of the system, taking into account the non-stationary nature of failure flows.
  • Key words: computer technology, elements, reliability, failure rate, time between failures, maintenance.
  • P. 86-93.