Bibliographic descriptions

Examples of bibliographic descriptions (print)


Book by one author

Bartenev, IM Calculation and design of forest machines [Text]: Textbook. Manual / IM Bartenev. - Voronezh, 2010. - 339 pp.

Book by two authors

Lavlinsky, VV Modeling processes and systems / VV Lavlinsky, AS Yagodkin. - Voronezh, 2017. – 119 pp.

Book by three authors

Lavlinsky, VV Theory of Information Processes and Systems: Textbook. manual / VV Lavlinsky, AN Petrov, AS Yagodkin. - Voronezh, 2016. – 111 pp.

Book by four and more authors

Fundamentals of the design of microcircuits: theory and practice: Textbook for high schools / VV Shcherbakova [et all]. - M.: Peter, 2015. – 432 pp.

Edited book

Management of Higher educational institution [Text]: ext. Con. of Association for Education in the field of management as a textbook for complementary education system Education - management development of HEI   / under the general editorship of SD Reznik, VM Filippov. - 2nd ed., Rev. - Moscow: INFRA-M, 2010. - 768pp. : ill.


Zolnikov, VK Design of radiation-resistant electronic component base: monograph / VK Zolnikoy, VV Lavlinsky. - Voronezh, 2015. – 168 pp.


Microcircuits: catalogue of microcircuits / ed. AL Stempkovsky; FSBSI "Institute of Problems of Design in Microelectronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences". - M.: VANT,2012. – 144 pp. : ill.

Multivolume edition

Suhorukih, YI Selected Works [Text]: in 3 v. V. 2: Nuciferous / YI Suhorukih. - Maikop: Kachestvo, 2008 - 396 pp.


Utochkina, EO Mathematical analysis. Linear algebra [Text] Manuals for tests for the 1st year of students of the distance form of studying on the field 080100 - Economics / EO Utochkina, VV Zenina; Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Federal State Budget Educational institution of Higher professional Education "Voronezh State Academy of Forestry and Technologies". - Voronezh, 2012. - 44pp; Il. ; Number of m. 300. - Electronic version - macroobject. - Bibliography.: P. 40.

Economic theory [Text] Manuals for the seminar classes for students on the field 080200 - Management / VP Chetvertakova, OV Gridneva, SV Popova, NN Fomin; Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Federal State Budget Educational institution of Higher professional Education "Voronezh State Academy of Forestry and Technologies". - Voronezh, 2012 - 51pp; Number of m 160. - Electronic version - macroobject - Bibliography: P. 48.


Simulation of systems and processes: scientific journal. – V. : VSUFT, 2017 –  120 pp.

Journal Article

Lavlinsky, VV MOS transistor model / VV Lavlinsky // Simulation of systems and processes. – 2015. – № 3. – P. 42-52.


Titov, EV Creating selection base of Siberian cedar in republic of Altai [Text] / EV Titov / / Genetics, selection, seed production and reproduction of woods: Materials of All-Russian scientific and practical conference with international participation on the 100th anniversary of birthday of Professor of Mikhail Mikhailovich Veresin. - Voronezh, 2010 - P. 110-115.

Regulatory and technical documents (GOST)

Basic design standards [Text]: Sat / Comp: AA Dzhigo, SY Kalinin. - Moscow: Univ. book. 2010 – 368pp.

GOST 7.82-2001. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description of electronic resources. General requirements and rules. - Introduced 2002-07-01 [Text]. - Minsk: Interstate. Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification, 2001. - 22..


Filichkina, MV A method for preparing a mixture for saw-concrete production [Text]: factsheet / comp. MV Filichkina. - Voronezh: Voronezh CSTI, 2009 - 3 - № 36-020-09.

Economics of nature management [Text]: an overview / All-Russian Institute of scientific and teсhn. inform. - ARISTI, 2010. - № 3. – 112pp

Laws, codes

Law of Russian Federation "On Protection of Consumers' Rights [Text] - M.: [Edition and Trading Corporation "Dashkov and Co"], 2008 – 48pp.

Russian Federation. Laws. Family Code of the Russian Federation [Text] [Federal Law: adopted by the State Duma on December 8, 1995: As of January 3 2001] - St. Petersburg. : Victory: Staun-country, 2001. - 94, [1] pp.

Patents, copyright certificates

A utility model patent 89482 RF, IPC B63B7/04. Pseudostratified raft [Text] / DN Afonichev, VV Vasiliev, NN Paponov; applicant and patentee SEI HPE "VSAFT." - № 2009121210/22; appl. 03.06.2009; publ. 10.12.2009.

 Copyright certificate 994521 USSR, IPC (5) C08L97/02. Additive to a composition for the manufacture of particle boards [Text] / EM Razinkov, VM Ryabkov, KI Stankevich, VA Tsendrovsky, NE Dyshinevich (USSR). - № 3295452; appl. 20.02.1981; publ. 07.02.1983.

Deposited scientific works

Paponov, NN Improving floatable water filled dam of a flexible material [Text] / NN Paponov, VV Vasiliev, DN Afonichev. - Voronezh, 2008. - 38. - Dep. in ARISTI 09.12.08, № 932-B2008.


Dankov, AS Development of the technology of bending of massive wood using microwave heating [Text]: Thesis abstract ... PhD (Engineering): 05.21.05 / AS Dankov. - Voronezh, 2009. - 16.

Dankov, AS Development of the technology of bending of massive wood using microwave heating [Text]: Thesis abstract ... PhD (Engineering): 05.21.05 / AS Dankov. - Voronezh, 2009. – 146 pp. – Refs.: pp. 132-146.

Examples of bibliographic descriptions of electronic resources

INTERNET recourses


Forest Code of the Russian Federation [Electronic resource]: of 04.12.2006 № 200-FL (as amended on 28.07.2012) / / Online Consultant - Nonprofit Internet version of Consultant. – Access mode:;base=LAW;n=133350.

Occupational safety (information portal of support of occupational health and safety) [Electronic resource].  – Access mode: – Title from screen.

Regulations on labor protection [Electronic resource]. Union of security professionals of work and production.– Access mode: – Title from screen.

Forest.RU - All about Russian forests [Electronic resource]. – Access mode: – Title from screen.

FSBI FIIP - Federal State Budget Institution "Federal Institute of Industrial Property": Information Search System [Electronic resource]. - Access mode: – Title from screen.

Federal Service for Intellectual Property Rospatent [Electronic resource]. - Access mode: – Title from screen.


ESCO. Electronic Journal of Energy Service Company "Environmental Systems" [Electronic resource]. - Access mode:– Title from screen


Zolnikov, VK Mathematical modeling of the processes of action on the radiation-resistant electronic component base / VK Zolnikov, VV Lavlinsky // Polytematic network electronic scientific journal of the Kuban State University. - 2016. - No. 77 (03). - Access mode: .


Babich, NA Forest cultures [electronic resource]: tutorial / NA Babich, NM Nabatov. - Arkhangelsk: NArFU, 2010. - 166 с. Access mode: http://сафу.рф/univercity/library/elib.php..

Documents on electronic media

Bachelor: Macroeconomics [electronic resource]: the electron. Textbook. : Recomm. by Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation / ed. NN Dumnaya. - M.: KNORUS 2008. - 1 electron. optical disk (CD-ROM).ELECTRONIC LIBRARY of vsaft (network resources)


Evdokimova, SA Mathematical methods of modeling [Electronic resource]: methodical instructions for performing laboratory works for students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in the direction of bachelor training 09.03.02 - Information systems and technologies / SA Evdokimova, TV Skvortsova, DE Solovey. - Voronezh, 2017 // AIBS "MARK-SQL" / VGLTA.

Textbooks, manuals

Petrovsky, VS Automation of technological processes and manufactures of timber industry complex [Text]: ext. AAU universities in the education in the field of automated engineering (OME AM) as a textbook for university students. Enrolled in the "Automation of technol. processes and production (forestry industry)" in "Automated Technologies and Production" / VS Petrovsky; Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, State Educational Institution of Higher Prof. Education "Voronezh State Academy of Forestry and Technologies" - Voronezh, 2011 - 400 : ill. ; 60x90 / 16. - Electronic version - macroobject // / AIBS "MARC-SQL» / VSAFT.
Lebedev, GS Features of road transport enterprises on the stage of economic reforms [Text]: recom. by UMO of universities of Russia on automotive-tractor and road education for inter-university use as a tutorial / GS Lebedev; Feder.State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Prof. Education "Voronezh State Academy of Forestry and Technologies". - 2nd ed., - Voronezh, 2012. - 143 p.: ill., table. ; 60х90/16. - Electronic version - macroobject // AIBS "MARC-SQL» / VSAFT.

Laws, codes, regulations

On education [electronic resource]: the law of the Russian Federation of 10.07.1992 № 3266-1 (as amended on 10.07.2012) / / ATP ConsultantPlus / VSAFT.
Forest Code of the Russian Federation [electronic resource]: by status on July 18, 2011 // ATP ConsultantPlus / VSAFT.
Regulations on the maintenance and repair of of rolling stock of road transport [electronic resource]: approved by Minautotrans of the RSFSR of 20.09.1984, in accordance with the Ministry of automotive industry of the USSR July 23, 1984// ATP ConsultantPlus / VSAFT

Regulatory and technical documents (GOST)

GOST 2.001-93 - GOST 2.901-99 . USDD [electronic resource] / / Electronic library of VSAFT / FSBEI HPE "VSAFT", FSUE "Standartinform".

Union norms of technological design of road transport enterprises ONTP-01-91 RD 3107938-0176-91 (approved by protocol of "Rosavtotrans" concern of 07.08.1991 № 3) // ATP ConsultantPlus / VSAFT.



Special sections of the control theory. Optimal control of dynamical systems [electronic resource]: tutorial / Y Y Gromov, NA Zemskoy, AV Lagutin, OG Ivanova, VM Tyutyunnik. - Tambov: Publishing house of TSTU, 2007 / / ELS The Single Window of access to educational resources. - Access mode: – Title from screen.Anisimov, G M Basis of of scientific research of forest machines [Electronic resource] / GM Anisimov, AM Kochnev. - 2nd ed. Corr. - M.: Lan, 2010. - 528. / / Electronic Library System. Publishing house "Lan".– Title from screen: