Procedure for reviewing articles


1. All articles, content by authors for publication in the journal Modeling systems and processes, are subject to compulsory review.

2. The leading scientists and specialists in the relevant fields of knowledge, science and technology are involved in the review, having publications on the subject of the conference during the last 3 years. Selection of reviewers is carried out by the Editorial Board of the journal (hereinafter referred to as the Editorial Board). As a rule, for each article, you must have at least two reviews.

3. The review process is carried out through the site of the Journal of Modeling Systems and Processes. The referee is given access to an impersonal version of the article (without the authors and their organizations). The reviewer formulates his opinion on the article, answering the questions posed to him, and also through comments.

4. The form for reviewing articles consists of two parts:

A - information for the Editorial Board and B - information for the author. Editorial Board available the results of all forms, the author - only part B.


A. Information from the reviewer for the Editorial Board A1.

Your assessment of this article (one of the following):

it is advisable to publish

post after processing

it does not matter (the reviewer does not have a final opinion)

it is advisable to reject

accurately reject (publication is excluded).


A2. Comments of the reviewer (in free form, only for the Editorial Board)


B. Information from the reviewer for the author B1. General assessment (one of the following):

very good



clearly weak

very bad, unacceptable.


B2. Substantive side of the article (for each of the items in section B2 an score from 1 to 5, 1 corresponds to the worst level, 5 to the best)


there is a scientific / scientific-technical novelty

corresponds to the subject of the conference.


B3. Form of presentation of the results of results (the scale of assessments is similar to item B2):

style and clarity of presentation;


meets the requirements for the design of the article.


B4. Comments of the reviewer (in free form)

5. The author of the article is only available for review on his article.

6. The revised articles may be submitted for reconsideration by the decision of the Editorial Board.

7. Based on the results of the review, the Editorial Board decides to include the article in the Journal of Modeling Systems and Processes.

8. The author is informed in electronic form about the decision of the Editorial Board. In addition, this information is available in your account on the journal's website.

9. Only those articles that are submitted before the appointed time are accepted for publication.

10. Reviews are kept in the editorial office of the journal for at least 5 years.

11. Upon receipt of an appropriate request, copies of the reviews will be sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.