Mission of the Journal

The journal "Modeling of systems and processes" is a scientific journal devoted to the problems of engineering sciences related to the development of mathematical and simulation models of both physical processes and various processes of systems functioning. The journal considers theoretical and applied research of systemic relationships and patterns of functioning and development of systems and processes, taking into account industry specific features, aimed at improving control efficiency using modern methods of research and information processing. A special place is given to research on the modeling of radiation effects on integrated microcircuits and systems for automation of design of various objects.

The Journal is published with the support of Voronezh State Universities of Forestry and Technologies named after G.F. Morozov.

The strategic goal is further development of the Russian scientific school on the whole aspect of systems and processes modeling in the framework of technical, physical and mathematical sciences.

Medium-term objectives are: to provide a high scientific level of the journal and publication of articles simultaneously in Russian and English to enter the international level.

Objects of research in works published in the journal may be scientific problems, concepts, approaches, methods, models, algorithms, theoretical and experimental studies.

The Journal is intended, first of all, for publishing the results of research of leading scientists, lecturers, post-graduate and university students, as well as production field members.

The Journal carries out independent policy of selecting manuscripts on the basis of relevance, novelty, theoretical and practical significance, implying mandatory double-blind review of all the papers, and that is a platform for free scientific communication.