Order of articles consideration

1. We shall consideronlymanuscriptsdesigned inaccordance with the Rulesfor authorsthat are publishedin every issue andposted on the websiteof the Journal.

2. Decision for publishingor refuse topublishis acceptedat a regular meetingof the Editorial Boardon the results ofthe reviewandexpert assessment.

3. Editorial Board, in case of refusal to publish or direction for revision, within 5 (five) working days after the decision directs the author (s) a written message that describes motivated decision of the Editorial Board. The letter is mandatory attached with the full text copy of review (without specifying the name of the reviewer).

4. Article,received by the editorialof Journalafter revisionbased on the comments, is considered in the orderof general priority.

5. Revisedversion of this articlecan be sent to bere-reviewed by a decision ofthe Editorial Board. In thecase of repeatednegative reviewsubmitted materialis not subjectto further review.

Editorial assumes no obligations on terms of publication of manuscripts. Original reviews should be stored at the editorial office for 3 years from the date of publication. Editorial Board does not keep the manuscript not accepted for publication.

Manuscripts accepted for publication will not be returned. Manuscript received a negative result from a reviewer, are not published and also do not come back to the author.

Payment for publishing articles is not charged from post-graduates.