A.H.H. Jwad, V.V. Lavlinskiy
Models of the shaping electric parameter MOSFET for component CAD
  • In article are considered designed models of the shaping electric parameters MOSFET in MATLAB for component CAD.
  • Key words: models, formalization of the procedures of the designing, CAD, MOSFET.
  • P. 5-8.
A.H.H. Jwad, V.V. Lavlinskiy
Formalized model of the shaping the dependencies separate parameters MOS-transistors from temperature for CAD components
  • In article are considered designed formalized models in MATLAB for shaping the dependencies separate parameters MOS - transistors from temperature.
  • Key words: formalization of the designing procedures, CAD, MOS-transistors, formalized models.
  • P. 8-12.
A.V. Volkova, V.V. Lavlinskiy, T.V. Pesetskaya
Approach to shaping generalised standard of judgement quality for electronic learning technical branches
  • In given article is executed analysis existing state standard specification and is offered approach to shaping generalized standard of judgment quality for electronic learning technical branches.
  • Key words: electronic educational resource, electronic learning technical branches, criteria quality.
  • P. 12-15.
A.A. Zmeev, V.A. Khvostov, E.Y. Nikulina, D.I. Korobkin, R.V. Belajev
Detailed algorithm of set realizations threats of not authorized access in the automated system and rationing of requirements to information safety
  • The detailed algorithm of realization of threats of not authorized access is resulted in information resources of the information systems, developed with reference to a problem of rationing of requirements to the information safety, supplementing existing perimeter model of protection regarding formalization number of storey, logicians and is likelihood-time characteristics of realization of threats. The offered algorithm uses statistical data of realizations of threats of the information safety, received by specialized software of type TCPDump and is intended for working out prognostic «pictures of conditions of the nature», procedure of rationing of requirements being initial data to information safety by decision-making methods.
  • Key words: information safety, protection model, criterion of efficiency.
  • P. 15-20.
M.V. Konarev
Experience of functional verification of the block of a modern chip
  • In article the technique of the functional checkout of the unit of the modern system on a crystal is considered. The main stages of such check are considered. Practical examples of implementation for the two-nuclear system on a crystal containing the processor of signal processing and a set of peripheral devices are given.
  • Key words: the functional verification, system on a crystal, the microprocessor, the specification, the program.
  • P. 21-25.
O.V. Kuripta, U.S. Serbulov
Models of youth labor market
  • Market models of work and the competition in it as systems are offered. It is offered to apply the theorist to creation of mathematical models of the youth labor market – multiple approach.
  • Key words: potential, market, competition, management, model.
  • P. 25-29.
V.V. Lavlinskiy, D.М. Kovalevskiy
Processing method of sound signals based on wavelet transform
  • In given article is offered processing method of sound signals based on wavelet transform that to value their parameters.
  • Key words: method of signal processing, wavelet transform, signal data.
  • P. 30-34.
V.V. Lavlinskiy, V.V. Laydov, T.V. Pesetskaya, S.V. Sklyarova
Method of the contingency rundown at finding of the estimation to psychological particularity of the person
  • In given article is offered method of the contingency rundown at finding of the estimation to psychological particularity of the person.
  • Key words: possibility theory, method, uncertainty, psychological assessment.
  • P. 34-42.
M.V. Manohin, V.Ja. Manohin, S.A. Sazonova
Protection of atmosphere from emissions and assessment of working conditions at the asphalt plants
  • The paper considers measures for the special assessment of working conditions and reduction of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere at asphalt plants. Takes into account adverse weather conditions.
  • Key words: occupational safety, protection of the atmosphere, asphalt plants emissions.
  • P. 42-45.
S.A. Sazonova
Security for modeling of functioning of hydraulic systems
  • When modeling hydraulic systems under operational management in the operation identified three hierarchical levels of tasks: the search of rational ways to transfer the system from unfavorable modes in the normal state of operation; forecast of changes of the system States associated with the influence of disturbing factors; the collection, processing, storage and filtration technology information characterizing the state of a functioning system. The solution of complex problems will help to ensure a high level of safety on the stage of the operation.
  • Key words: hydraulic systems, safety, operation, modelling.
  • P. 45-49.
S.A. Sazonova, S.D. Nikolenko, V.Ja. Manohin
Features of work safety and environmental protection at asphalt plants
  • Considered information on the quality of cleaning of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere at asphalt plants. The required quality of the treatment activities directly affect the level of security.
  • Key words: safety, clean emissions, and asphalt plants.
  • P. 49-52.
S.A. Sazonova, S.D. Nikolenko, M.V. Manohin, V.Ja. Manohin
The effect of dust content of working zone of operators of mixers asphalt plants for assessment of occupational safety
  • The purpose of these computational experiments is to evaluate the severity of work of operators of mixers for asphalt plants. Integrated ball-assessment of labor conditions is made in terms of the indicators of harmfulness and danger of industrial environment. The results of numerical experiment, performed in conditions of high dustiness of the working area.
  • Key words: assessment of working conditions, dust, asphalt plants.
  • P. 53-56.
Yu. S. Serbulov, T. V. Skvortsova, A. A. Maslikov
Modeling of interrelation of the state of health of the population with activity of a health system on the basis of creation of the integrated indicator of health of the population of the region
  • In article the integrated indicators of health of the population of areas of the Voronezh region are considered.
  • Key words: the integrated health indicators a naseleniiya.
  • P. 56-59.
Yu. S. Serbulov, T. V. Skvortsova, A. A. Maslikov
Application of methods of the statistical analysis for assessment of a state and functioning of system of specialized medical care
  • In article analysis methods for assessment of a state and functioning of system of specialized medical care to the population are considered.
  • Key words: statistics, information on the state of health of the population, specialized medical care.
  • P. 59-62.
T.N. Storodubtseva
The study of different types of promoters to increase the strength properties of the binder for bonding wood fillers
  • The different types of promoters, defined adhesion strength cementitious material to wood based relative humidity, strength characteristics meet the requirements of GOST wood on wood, is used in construction.
  • Key words: binder, wood, adhesion strength, the composite material.
  • P. 62-65.
T.N. Storodubtseva, D.S. Grigoriev
Effect of temperature on the mechanical features wood filler in the composite material
  • Mathematical processing of the results of experiments made it possible to obtain the theoretical dependence of tensile strength and elastic modulus of the temperature method of least squares, the experimentally investigated and identified the impact of warming and cooling speed on the reliability of composite material.
  • Key words: temperature strength, modulus of elasticity, wood, composite material.
  • P. 66-70.
Y.G. Tabakov
Processing of the lf signal integrated Haar algorithm for intellectual trainer
  • Processing of the LF signal integrated algorithm of Haar and analysis of the reliability of the control of human signals sent by brain.
  • Key words: processing, algorithm, low frequency signal, signal analysis, signal processing, controlling signals.
  • P. 71-73.
Y.G. Tabakov
Development of complex Haar algorithm of for the analysis of low-frequency signals
  • Developed an integrated algorithm using Haar basis functions for the analysis and processing of the LF signal frequency of 50 Hz, taken from the cerebral cortex.
  • Key words: methods, algorithms, low-frequency signal, intellectual simulator, signal analysis, signal processing.
  • P. 73-76.