M.Y. Arzamastsev, A.I. Yankov
Analysis of resistance to heavy charged particles radiation-hardened microcontroller 1874ве10т, made by domestic technology 0.25 µm
  • The article presents the results of tests for resistance to the effects of heavy charged particles (PM) on the simulation unit U-400M of the laboratory of nuclear reactions (FLNR) of the joint Institute for nuclear research (JINR) radiation-resistant microprocessor 1874VE10T. The authors investigated the effect of exposure to photon radiation and heavy charged particles on radiation-resistant chips 1906ВМ024 CMOS and CMOS SOI technologies 1874ВЕ10Т.
  • Key words: radiation resistance, heavy charged particles, microprocessor 1874BE10T, installation of U-400M, chips.
  • P. 4-9.
Yu.Yu. Gromov, V.E. Didrikh, I.V. Didrikh, A.Yu. Grechushkina
Construction of intellectual systems of control of information processes in conditions of uncertainty
  • Using the Takagi-Sugeno approach, the task of managing the information process is formulated. The use of qualitative information makes it possible to move from a combined model of information process management to a generalized model. The fuzzy tracking model and the control law are formulated. The algorithm of tracking control is developed.

  • Key words: information process, logical-linguistic model, the fuzzy law of control, stability estimation.
  • P. 10-14.

K.V. Zolnikov, V.M. Antimirov, A.Yu. Kulay, I.I. Strukov, M.V. Solodilov,
K.A. Chubur

Information models of radiation effects to assess the adequacy of decision-making
  • The article describes information models of semiconductor structures used to assess the adequacy of decision-making. The main electrophysical parameters (concentration of the main charge carriers, charge carrier mobility, resistivity, charge carrier lifetime) of semiconductor structures and their changes in radiation effects are considered.

  • Key words: radiation, model, electrophysical parameters, semiconductor structures, adequacy of decision-making.

  • P. 15-20.

K.V. Zolnikov, D.M. Utkin, Yu.A. Chevychelov

A mathematical model of an estimation of indicators of reliability of complex software and hardware systems
  • A mathematical model for the calculation of the reliability of software and hardware systems for special purposes. The theoretical analysis for the account of complex characteristics of reliability of software and hardware complexes is carried out. The integration of reliability indicators into the design process allows early development of complex systems to identify inconsistencies with the requirements of the technical specification and improve its characteristics.
  • Key words: mathematical model, reliability, CAD, software and hardware system, radiation.

  • P. 21-26.

V.V. Lavlinsky, A.L. Savchenko

Synthesis of 3D models for designing mosfets
  • The article discusses the basics of the formation of 3D models for the design of modern MOSFETs using the synthesis of virtual reality. The proposed methods of synthesis of 3D models can be used to create a base of electronic components of submicron VLSI in computer-aided design (CAD) systems.

  • Key words: CAD, MOSFETs, virtual reality synthesis, 3D model, semiconductors.

  • P. 26-30.

V.V. Lavlinsky, A.L. Savchenko, A.Yu. Kulai

Based on mathematical formalization of procedures for the design of MOS-fets
  • The article deals with the mathematical dependence of the EKV model for the formalization of the design procedures of MOSFETs. The presented mathematical dependences are used to estimate the electrical parameters of the electronic component of the base. In addition, these models confirm the possibility of 3D modeling of structures in the form of separate elements of the electronic component base.
  • Key words: formalization of design procedures, CAD, MOSFETs, mathematical dependencies, EKV model.

  • P. 31-38.

Yu.V. Minin, V.E. Didrikh, A.Yu. Grechushkina, S.A. Kopylov

Intellectual control of information systems under conditions of uncertainty
  • An approach is proposed for the formalization of information processes occurring in systems whose operation is carried out under conditions of uncertainty. A fuzzy information management system and a quality function are formalized, to determine the parameters of which a genetic algorithm is used.

  • Key words: information process, a fuzzy control system, genetic algorithm.

  • P. 38-42.
S.A. Sazonova, V.Ja. Manohin, S.D. Nikolenko, N.V. Zalozhnyh
Ensuring safe working conditions in asphalt plants based on the application of experimental research results
  • The results of experimental studies on determining the main parameters of gas-air furnaces at asphalt plants are considered. The description of used equipment and stands, which are necessary for carrying out of researches on an estimation of existing working conditions on dangerous and harmful manufactures, is given. When estimating experimental errors, the most common and convenient estimate of the magnitude of a random measurement error using standard or mean square error was used. In the experiments, harmful substances were determined in the atmospheric air, affecting negatively the level of labor at the asphalt plant.

  • Key words: experiment, stands, harmful substances in the atmosphere, equipment, gas-air furnaces, asphalt-concrete plants, labor safety.

  • P. 42-48.

S.A. Sazonova, V.Ja. Manohin, S.D. Nikolenko, N.V. Zalozhnyh

Creation of safe working conditions in asphalt concrete plants, taking into account the results of microanalysis of industrial dust
  • Studies have been carried out to determine the dispersion and chemical composition of dust in asphalt concrete plants during the process of preparing the asphalt-concrete mixture. Experimentally defined parameters are necessary for the development of methods for dispersing particulate matter in the atmosphere and for developing a set of measures for dedusting production processes in order to ensure the required level of labor safety. The results of X-ray spectral microanalysis of dust and mineral powder released in the production zone of asphalt concrete plants are considered. The method of electron-probe x-ray spectral microanalysis is used to measure the weight concentration of chemical elements in microvolumes of solid inorganic materials and asphalt concrete samples and is necessary for solving the labor safety problem.

  • Key words: dispersed and chemical composition of dust, X-ray spectral microanalysis, asphalt-concrete plants, labor safety.

  • P. 49-55.

S.A. Sazonova, V.Ja. Manohin, S.D. Nikolenko, M.V. Manohin

Quantitative chemical analysis of gases at asphalt plants for the development of safety measures
  • A quantitative chemical analysis of gases accompanying production processes in asphalt plants has been performed. The results of experiments and the sequence of processing of the experimental data in determining the flow rate, velocity, temperature and relative humidity of the gas are presented. The results of the research are necessary to assess the existing environmental situation in an enterprise with hazardous and harmful technological processes in order to develop measures to ensure the safety of workers.

  • Key words: chemical analysis, gases, ecology, labor protection, experiment, asphalt concrete plants.

  • P. 55-62.

V.A. Sklyar, V.K. Zolnikov, A.I. Yankov, Yu.A. Chevychelov, V.F. Barabanov

Characterization and modeling of signals in CAD
  • The article describes the main characteristics of signals and processes in the design of chips with design standards of 0.09-0.18 microns. Also, the problems of modeling signals in computer-aided design (CAD), noise analysis algorithms and related effects are described.

  • Key words: CAD, chip, signal, characterization, VLSI.

  • P. 62-67.

N.Yu. Yudina, V.A. Vodyanitskii

On the software implementation of the finite element method on the example of the two-dimensional plane stress state problem
  • We are faced with the task of developing an optimal algorithm for realizing the method of finite elements using the modern programming language, without using proprietary software packages. This will allow for flexibility in solving various applied problems in the field of mechanics and reducing the amount of computations performed.

  • Key words: finite element method, numerical methods, stiffness matrix, simplex element, programming, stresses, mechanics.

  • P. 68-73.

N.Yu. Yudina, V.S. Tarakanov

Development of information system of document management of the admission committee of the VSUFT
  • The tasks of the Admission Committee of the University are: the reception of documents, the organization of document circulation, the formation of a database of entrants, the conduct of admission tests, enrollment in the students who have passed the introductory tests. The article gives a brief description of the implementation of the information system for maintaining electronic pre-cumulation of the admission committee of the VSUFT.

  • Key words: information system, database, selection committee, interface, module-nost.

  • P. 74-81.