A. H. H. Jwad, V.V. Lavlinskiy
Object-oriented programming language for formalization models of MOS-transistor
  • In article is considered possibility of the object-oriented programming language in the making models to formalize procedures of the designing MOS-transistor.
  • Key words: formalization of the designing procedures, CAD, MOS-transistors, object-oriented programming language.
  • P. 5-14.
A. H. H. Jwad, V.V. Lavlinskiy
Object-oriented programming language for formalization
  • In article is considered possibility of the object-oriented programming language in the making models to formalize procedures of the designing MOS-transistor.
  • Key words: formalization of the designing procedures, CAD, MOS-transistors, object-oriented programming language.
  • P. 15-22.
A.V. Volkova, V.V. Lavlinskiy, T.V. Pesetskaya
Analysis of possibilities to realize educational programs for learning technical branches
  • In given article is executed analysis existing approach for development electronic scholastic-methodical complex for learning technical branches.
  • Key words: remote education, educational programs.
  • P. 22-24.
S.A. Evdokimova
The comparative analysis of charts of the description of business processes of ARIS eEPC and BPMN on an example
  • In article modern notations of modeling of business processes of ARIS eEPC and BPMN, their basic elements are considered and on the example of process of delivery of inventory items the comparative analysis is carried out them.
  • Key words: chart ARIS eEPC, notation of BPMN, modeling of business processes.
  • P. 24-31.
I.V. Zhuravleva
Railway stations and knots: scientific approach to design
  • In article the main requirements to design of railway stations, taking into account their stage-by-stage development are considered. Criteria of scientific approach to further application on them the newest technologies of design are defined.
  • Key words: railroads, railway stations and knots, traveling development, design, complex project, rational staging of development.
  • P. 31-33.
I.V. Zhuravleva
The system designation of the automated design of capital track repair (CAD CTR)
  • In article operating conditions of a railway track, feature of its content and repair are considered. For effective functioning and accomplishment of a complete cycle of repair work at subjects of designing, a number of the criteria providing the high level of the high computing technologies on the example of use of the CAD CTR system is determined.
  • Key words: railway track, plan and profile of a way, settlement site, capital repairs, designing, software product.
  • P. 34-36.
I.V. Zhuravleva
Development of suburban passenger traffic
  • In article priority tasks of the strategy of development for suburban passenger transport are considered. The direction for optimization of efficiency of suburban passenger traffic is determined.
  • Key words: rolling stock, suburban passenger traffic, priority problems of strategy, passenger turnover, modernization of infrastructure.
  • P. 36-38.
V.K. Zolnikov, V.I. Antsiferova, K.A. Chubur, A.Yu. Kulay, A.S. Groshev, T.V. Skvortsova
Results of researches of firmness of chips on the example of VLSI of the analog-to-digital converter
  • In article assessment of chips on resistance to influence of special factors on the example of VLSI of the analog-to-digital converter is considered.
  • Key words: automation of design, chip, firmness.
  • P. 39-41.
P.A. Kotov
Pecularities of stability of the finite-dimensional system described by the non-resonant equation with the linear differential operator
  • The linear system represented in a normal form with the material measurable elements of coefficient system is considered by the uniform linear equation and are offered aspects of stability of the finite-dimensional version of non-resonant system described by the linear equation resolved relatively derivative with the constant positive elements of the coefficient system in a decimal numeral system at the example of the test of the known dynamic model resources of the portable personal computer are constructive.
  • Key words: non-resonant equation, measurable elements of coefficient system, informative output array of modeling.
  • P. 42-51.
M.V. Manohin, V.Ja. Manohin, S.A. Sazonova
The calculation of dispersion parameters of the release of hazardous substances at the industrial site and the choice of effective measures to ensure the safety
  • He data to establish values of maximum permissible emissions. Asphalt plant for calculation of the dispersion parameters of the emission of harmful substances.
  • Key words: safety, emissions, and asphalt plants.
  • P. 51-54.
S.D. Nikolenko, S.A. Sazonova, V.Ja. Manohin
Requirements for occupational safety at asphalt plants with loading and unloading
  • We consider the complex of measures to ensure the required level of safety at asphalt plants. The required level of safety when performing loading and unloading operations at the plant proposed to be achieved on the basis of compliance with all safety requirements.
  • Key words: safety, safety, handling, asphalt plants.
  • P. 57-60.
S.D. Nikolenko, S.A. Sazonova, M.V. Manohin
Ensuring explosion and fire safety and safety at asphalt plants
  • The basic requirements for safety and fire and explosion dangerous and toxic plants for asphalt plants. The assessment of working conditions at the facilities is made subject to these requirements.
  • Key words: safety, safety equipment, fire and explosion safety, asphalt plants.
  • P. 54-57.
T.P. Novikova
Influence of process of design of electronic component base on the information management system by the design center of microelectronics
  • In article the analysis of specifics of processes of designing and production of EKB, influence of process of designing on development of the information management system by the design center of microelectronics is carried out.
  • Key words: design, electronic component base, information system, algorithms, methods of the description and modeling, design center, microelectronics.
  • P. 60-63.
S.A. Sazonova, S.D. Nikolenko, M.V. Manohin
Ensuring labour safety for asphalt and cement-concrete plants in the operation of machinery and equipment
  • Given the general provisions on safety needed for a comprehensive assessment of working conditions in the operation of machinery and equipment for asphalt and cement-concrete plants. Considered a priority requirement to ensure the safe execution of all types of work in the workplace.
  • Key words: occupational safety, equipment safety, asphalt concrete and cement concrete factories.
  • P. 63-66.
V.A. Sklyar, V.K. Zolnikov
Results of tests of products to influence of heavy charged particles
  • In article assessment of resistance of chips to influence of heavy charged particles is considered, the test environment, material support of tests are described.
  • Key words: design automation, chips, firmness, heavy charged particles.
  • P. 66-70.
V.A. Sklyar, V.K. Zolnikov, S.A. Evdokimova
Modeling of low-intensive influence of space
  • In article process of impact of space ionization radiation on products of electronic component base is considered, the structure of an algorithm of calculation of firmness of CMOS VLSI at influence of factors of space is described.
  • Key words: design automation, radiation, chips, firmness.
  • P. 71-74.
D.E. Solovei, E.S. Khukhryanskaya
On the solving method for some transportation problems with heterogeneities
  • The article discusses the transportation problem for heterogeneous goods and heterogeneous vehicles. The proposed method allows to reduce the transportation problem with a heterogeneities to the classical transportation problem.
  • Key words: logistics, transportation, linear programming, transportation problem, management, heterogeneous system, logging and logging operations.
  • P. 74-77.
T.N. Storodubtseva, D.V. Kovalyova, V.V. Gusev, M.V. Strutskaya
Definition of optimum properties of wood polymeric composite by an experimental and statistical method
  • We solve the optimising problem of search of optimum properties of material of a composite cross tie by an experimental and statistical method of carrying out a computing experiment. As a result of the solution of a task the method of multicriteria optimization has determined optimum values of coefficient of a bend and mass of a cross tie, respectively in the coded and natural scales.
  • Key words: an experiment, a composite, polymer, wood, cross ties, properties.
  • P. 77-80.
Matienko A.V.
Educational potential role of the discipline «Foreign language» in the formation of university graduates’ professional competence
  • The present article is devoted to the investigation of conditions of polylingualandmulticulturalidentity formation, the most important of which  is the degree of formation of  foreign language professional communicative competenceas one of the key educational competences. The competence under analysis contributes to the development of future  University graduates’ abilities to: 1) interact with native speakers of a foreign language, representatives of another cultures in the logics of contemporary scientific paradigm, taking into account their professional features, national values and behavior norms; 2) create positive motivation for specific purposes professional communication; 3) use successful means of verbal and nonverbal communication adequate to specific purposes professional communicative situations.
  • Key words: polylingualand multicultural identity; foreign language professional communicative competence; linguistic, discourse, pragmatic, strategic, cross-cultural components; research competence.
  • P. 81-84.
S.A. Vladimirov
On innovative research the model of formation of strategic balanced program of public investment management
  • A innovative methodology for creating your country of vennoy-investment program for a longer period - up to 33-40 years old, consisting of a hard («kvantirovannyh») series of investment projects at all levels and areas with socio-economic-social activity, differing only by strict, pre-established state, the numerical values of a limited number of indicators of economic efficiency of public investments, which are harmonious balanced relationship with the approved high state of the Russian Federation, the body managing the national economy national parameters (discount rate), which characterizes the minimum requirements of society to the effectiveness of investment projects, the numerical value of which is determined by the authors method, in conjunction with forecasts for economic and social development of the country, including the pace of economic growth.
  • Key words: macroeconomics; state; investments; efficiency; balance; setting national minimum general-stvennoj efficiency investments; programs; projects; regulation.
  • P. 85-95.